6 Ways to improve your credit score
Obtaining a pre-approval is your first step as a home buyer, but ensuring your credit score is mortgage loan worthy should be the very first step on your path to home ownership.
Your credit score is the foundation of all things mortgage related. It is the largest factor in a lender determining your interest rate. 
Just one percent higher can increase your monthly payment significantly. – Bankrate.com
You can start improving your credit score with these tips and advice.
Find Out Your Credit Score
Before you can even begin to improve your credit score, you need to know for sure where you stand. You are entitled to receive your three credit reports and score for free once a year from www.annualcreditreport.com.
Check for and Dispute Errors
Errors on your credit report can impact your score negatively. You’ll want to carefully check all the information provided and quickly act to dispute any credit report errors. – June Seebohm
Pay Bills on Time – Every Time!
Paying your bills on time, every month will start to increase your credit score because it qualifies you as a dependable loanee.
Lower a Maxed Out Credit Card
When you max out a credit card, it negatively impacts your credit score. By lowering the amount you owe on a maxed out card, it will improve your standing.
Make Two or More Loan or Credit Card Payments Early
When you make payments early, you are reducing the amount of interest on your debt.
Become an Authorized User
Be prepared to hear the word “no”, but becoming an authorized user for a credit card for someone who pays their bills on time will help your rating. Start by asking a family member or close friend.

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