Steps to take when hiring an Orlando home improvement contractor
6 Steps to Take When Hiring an Orlando Home Improvement Contractor

Homeowners have two choices when the time comes to make improvements to the home, whether they are minor updates or full blown remodels. Either do the work yourself or hire a home improvement contractor.
Making that choice is probably not difficult at all. If you have the knowledge to complete the work on your own and have the time to do so, you will most likely choose the DIY route. For those that require the assistance of an expert, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to hire the best professional home improvement contractor for the job at hand.
Guide to Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor in Orlando, FL
1.    First and foremost, any contractor you interview for your home improvements must be licensed in the state of Florida to perform the work! There are always exceptions, but as a general rule, hire a licensed one.

2.    Second, just because the contractor is licensed doesn’t mean they are the right one for the job. Find out the following information when interviewing contractors by calling the Department of Business and Professional Regulations, 1-850-487-1395.

•    Are there any complaints against the contractor?
•    What is the status of the contractor’s Florida state license?
•    Has the contractor failed to make restitution in any Construction Trades Qualifying Board?
•    Are there any outstanding fines against the contractor?

3.    Get FREE estimates. If a contractor tries to charge you to provide an estimated cost of work, that is a red flag!

4.    Ask for references – and follow up with each one provided. Ask about quality of work, time it took to complete the job, were they professional? If a contractor is hesitant to provide references, that’s another red flag.

5.    Ask to see pictures of past work. This is a helpful tip for choosing a home improvement contractor, but if they don’t have pictures, that may not be a bad thing. It could just mean they don’t take pictures.

6.    Always enter into a contract with the professional you choose.
These are the first steps you should take when hiring a home improvement contractor in the state of Florida. I highly recommend learning more about the process by reading my source of the information provided in this article.