Orlando For Sale By Owner - Why Doesn't My Home Sell?
So your home is languishing on the market, and your dream of a quick home sale is dying a slow death.

Luckily there are several things you can do to change the situation.

Price Your Home right
Do you know for sure that your Orlando home is priced according to the current real estate market? You might sell your home for less or your home might languish on the market for being priced to high. A real estate agent will do a thorough market analysis and determine the right price for your home. The price should be based on current real estate market conditions, not what you’ll need to pay off your mortgage, or what your neighbor sold his house for. It’s a simple fact, if your price is too high, your home won’t sell. While you can lower the price later, you’ll have missed out on that fresh on the market momentum, and people may wonder if something’s wrong with the property. Of course you can still sell your house, but probably for less than if you’d set the right price in the first place.

Real Estate Commission
You might think of a real estate commission as a waste of money but consider this: when buyers look at a “For Sale By Owner”” property they typically make low ball offers, hoping that the owner doesn’t know the true value of the home, and knowing that the owner does not have to pay any Realtor commission.  By listing your home with a Realtor, not only will you know the values of comparable listings in the area, receive the skilled knowledge in negotiation of a Realtor,  but you get the additional exposure to potential buyers through enhanced advertising and marketing.

Condition of Your Home
Outside – Curb appeal is important and there are many ways to spruce things up without spending a lot. Paint your shutters and doors, landscape, pull weeds and put up a nice mailbox. Make the outside sparkle so buyers won’t drive away without seeing the gorgeous interior.
Inside – Once a prospective buyer crosses your threshold, you want them to see the home, not your stuff. For a house to show well, it needs to be clean and uncluttered, counter tops should be clear, and beds made.

Online Presence
These days everyone starts house shopping online. Is your home featured on any of the hot real estate websites and all over the internet? You’ll need several different photos of your home, all the better if taken by a professional. Online presence and enhanced marketing and advertising is essential for the motivated seller.

These are only a few suggestions that might jump-start your sale. Or better call me, Tina Israelson, your Orlando real estate professional – and let me sell your Orlando property fast!