Home inspection checklist
Have a Better Home Inspection With This Checklist

The home inspection is an integral component of the home selling process. As the seller, you should ALWAYS assume a buyer will request a home inspection in their offer. The home inspection can make or break the real estate deal, based on the findings and the cost associated with those findings. A buyer will use the results of the home inspection to negotiate the selling price further.
In order to help ensure there are no surprise problems during the inspection, it would be helpful to know what things the inspector will be looking for. After you list your home for sale, use this checklist to find the most common issues so you can rectify them.
INTERIOR – What to Check For

•    ATTIC
____ Water stains
____ Rot or other damage
____ Proper insulation
____ Ventilation

____ Exhaust fan vented to outside
____Outlets are GFI
____ No plumbing leaks

____ Exhaust fan works and vent does not terminate in the attic
____ Toilet works properly and is not loose
____ No evidence of water stains or mold
____ No loose tiles in shower/tub surround

____ No cracks in glass
____ Lock properly
____ Properly sealed

•    DOORS
____ No damage
____ Lock properly

•    ROOMS
____ No water stains
____No cracks in ceilings or walls
____ Light switches work properly
____ Smoke detectors in every room

____ Working properly
____ Sufficient air flow

•    ROOF
____ No loss of shingles
____ Exterior vents are clean
____ Gutters are securely attached to structure

____ No wood to ground contact
____ No cracked or damaged siding
____ No large cracks in stucco
____ No flaking paint
This checklist comprises some of the top issues seen during a home inspection. If you are able to ensure these items are all in working order, you should be on your way to a positive inspection report. For even more information about what a home inspector looks at, read this informative article written by Lynn Pineda, a licensed Southeast Florida Real Estate Agent serving Coral Springs Florida and surrounding Southeast Florida.
Additional Source: http://www.totalhomeinspection.com/totalhomeinspectionchecklist.pdf