Documents needed when applying for a mortgage
Common Documents Needed When Applying For Mortgage Pre-Approval

You’ve decided it’s time. Time to buy a house and step into the next chapter of your life. Exciting right? Absolutely! You’ve probably started looking at homes on line, maybe have a few listed you’d like to see, and maybe even created a board on Pinterest where you’re pinning all of the great things you’d like to have in your new home.
But before you get carried away, there’s a certain timeline of requirements you need to go through, starting with choosing the best real estate professional to partner with.
Next on the list is obtaining mortgage preapproval.
Applying for a mortgage is a lengthy process, but you can help to speed things up by being properly prepared with the documentation required.
•    Driver’s license
•    Social security card
•    2 years of tax returns
•    1 month of most recent paystubs
•    Proof of other sources of income like child support, trust, or self-employment
•    Proof of employment via letter from employer
•    2 months of most recent bank statements (you may not need that many, but it’s better to be over-prepared than not prepared enough)
Mortgage lenders ask for all of these documents to verify your ability to afford a home , and to determine how risky of a borrower you would be.
For more detailed information regarding required documentation when applying for a mortgage (not just the pre-approval) including additional paperwork if self-employed or retired, visit Anita Clark’s article, Documents Needed When Applying For a Mortgage .
The documentation required may vary state to state. If you are house hunting in the Orlando, Florida area, I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the home buying process, as well as get you set up with a mortgage lender. Let the excitement begin!