There are a number of consequences you could face if you decide to buy or sell a home without a professional real estate agent to partner with.

After all, it is one of the most important transactions you will go through in your lifetime.

Wouldn’t you want the peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands with someone who has the experience and knowledge in the real estate industry?

1. Negotiations – Are you an expert negotiator?
Negotiation skills are a necessity in the buying or selling process. Whether you are negotiating the purchase or sell price or are dealing with the details of the home inspection, it is critical to have a professional to get the best outcome. Consequence: Paying more or losing out!

2. Legal – Are you experienced in real estate law?
A real estate transaction requires the legal expertise of a professional. Consequence: Imagine the other party binds you to a contract that could be detrimental to your life!

3. Current Market Conditions – Do you know about the real estate market in the area you’re buying or selling?
You can only make the right decisions on how to correctly price your home if selling or what to offer if buying by knowing the current market conditions, what amount homes have sold for in the area, and a number of other factors. Consequence: Selling for less or buying in a less than ideal neighborhood for your family.

4. Questions – Who will you turn to for all of the questions you’ll have during the process? Imagine finding yourself alone in a sea of paperwork and questions to ask! With the partnership of a real estate professional, all of that paperwork will be handled and your questions will have been answered throughout the process. Consequence: A failed real estate transaction because of lack of experience!

These consequences are among the most important that can be avoided just by hiring a real estate professional.