Let’s say you’ve spent a lot of time getting approved for a home loan, and now your efforts have paid off.

Is this the time to relax and go back to your carefree financial ways? No, no, a thousand times no. Once you’ve got your loan approval, don’t do anything to jeopardize your good standing.

1. Don’t apply for new credit: Rushing to the home improvement store and applying for a line of credit is a natural reaction when your loan is approved. Don’t do this. Applying for any new credit can lower your credit score. A lender may worry you’ll run up a large balance then default on their loan.
2. Don’t close any credit accounts: While you may feel like getting your financial house in order, this is not the time to close out unused credit cards. While this is ultimately a smart financial move, wait until later to make it. Right now it’s in your best interest to have a higher card to the debt ratio.
3. Don’t skip a payment or make a late payment: Don’t get so caught up in your packing and moving plans that you forget to pay your bills. History of on-time and in-full payments is an important element of your credit score.
4. Don’t buy a car: You may feel that a new car would be an attractive addition to your new driveway. Resist that feeling. Even if you can easily afford a new car, this is not the time to reduce your savings. Your lender may do final check on your cash reserves so you want to make sure you have some.
5. Don’t change jobs if you can help it: Your lender needs to verify employment and will need pay stubs to prove your income before your loan can go to settlement.

Remember, your lender will recheck your credit just prior to your settlement date. Don’t do anything to change their good opinion of you.